Syrian Weekly Brief - 1 July‏

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Top Stories
Regime tests international silence again: Turkey accused the regime of intentionally shooting down its airplane in international airspace using a guided missile. Turkey announced that the regime has opened fire on another airplane scouting for the remains of the first one. Turkey added it will protect itself and has filed an official request to NATO to convene. However, the international community has proven through the Geneva conference that it has no intention of exerting real pressure on the regime.

Regime intensifies military operations: The regime’s intense shelling and bombardment continued to target revolting areas in a desperate bid to end the revolution. The Syrian army increased its shelling of the suburbs of Damascus, and the provinces of Homs, Daraa and Deir Azzour, often levelling entire neighbourhoods.

Uprising Developments
Terrorist explosions continue: An armed car exploded in the parking lot of the Justice Palace resulting in the destruction of the entire lot. Syrian state TV announced that two IEDs planted by terrorists caused the attacks, while no evidence has surfaced to determine the identity of the culprits yet though revolutionaries blame the regime for them.

Defections and insurrection on the rise: Massive defections took place in the Hama Military Airport, Palmyra Prison, Deir Azzour Prison, and the town of Tal Shehab in the province of Daraa leading to massive skirmishes. At the same time, revolutionaries announced the capture of two top-ranking regime officers; Brigadier General Munir Ahmad Shalabi of the General Intelligence Palestine Branch, and Major General Faraj Shihada Maqet.

New international sanctions: The EU imposed new sanctions on the regime targeting more individuals and companies, while Australia imposed new sanctions banning trade in the sectors of oil production and extraction, financial services, communications, and precious metals.

Violations of oil sanctions continue: Three Iranian gas carriers have sailed to Syria with gas shipments; the first reached the port of Banyas, while another one is supposed to arrive a few days later.

Side effects of Regime’s economic decisions on the rise: More than one thousand goldsmith shops shut down their operations in the province of Aleppo after the government issued a new law that regulates the import and export of gold. The law complicated the flow of imports leading to a sharp increase in illegal exports thus decreasing the circulation of precious metal to less than 10%.

International Reactions
International community still pushing for political solution: The Geneva talks led by Annan ended with a transitional period resolution. No details were disclosed about the dynamics of the formation of the new government, the time line, or about the fate of Assad.

Syrian Press Focus
Geneva conference: Regime media accused Turkey, Qatar and the Arab League chairman of pushing for the Seventh Chapter and military intervention in Syria, an option which Russia and China oppose.

West responsible for terrorism in the region: State media published an article accusing western intelligence agencies of dispatching “death squads” to open fire at demonstrators and accuse the government in order to change the geo-political map of the region.

Downing the Turkish jet: An article citing western sources announced that US military and intelligence experts have announced that the downed Turkish jet was on Syrian territory, and not in the international zone.

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