Syrian Revolution News Round-up 7 July 2012

Damascus and Aleppo Go on Strike
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  • Damascus and Aleppo witness widespread strikes in commercial districts in condemnation of the regime’s crimes.
  • The town of Khan Sheikhoun in Idlib has been declared as a disaster area as more than 200 houses were set on fire by regime forces.
  • Lebanese Army on high alert along the border with Syria after the shelling of the Lebanese town of Wadi Khalid by the Syrian army.
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  • Free Syrian Army shows off its capabilities as the first woman joins its ranks, P2
  • Damascus: Assad’s forces vandalize the shops that went on strike in condemnation of the regime’s crimes, P2, P3, P4, P5
  • Aleppo: General strike in condemnation of the regime’s crimes, P2, P3, P4
  • Idlib: Assad’s forces launch a massive military offensive against the towns of Tamanaa and Khan Sheikhoun and burn civilians alive, P2, P3, P4
Summary of Events

Regime forces launched a violent military offensive against the towns of Kafarsejna, Tamanaa and Khan Sheikhoun. Khan Sheikhoun was declared by revolutionary councils as a disaster area after regime forces looted, destroyed and burnt down more than 200 houses, sexually assaulted women, and arrested all males above the age of 10 of whom some were field executed. The offensive measures triggered a massive exodus of residents towards the Turkish borders.

The merchants of Damascus and Aleppo responded to the call for a general strike in protest of the regime’s continued crimes. Damascus witnessed a widespread strike in the primary commercial districts of gold and electrical equipment suppliers and the busy shops of Medhat Basha, Hariqa, Halbouni, Bezouriya, Sweiqa and Jenzat in the central city, as well as several others in various neighbourhoods and towns. The city of Aleppo has also seen a similar strike in the neighbourhoods of Shaar, Saladin, Sukari, Bustan Qasir, Zahera, Sakhour and Masaken Hanano. Regime forces invaded the souks, destroyed the locks of commercial establishments and assaulted many merchants to force them to end the strike.

Assad’s forces killed more than 67 people across the country today including seven children, two women, and nine defected soldiers; 19 fell in the province of Deir Azzour, 12 in the province of Hama, 11 in the province of Aleppo, 11 in the province of Idlib, six in the province of Homs, and four in the province of Daraa.

The regime’s violations continued across the country as its forces shelled the neighbourhoods of Sheikh Yasin, Jobaila, and Ommal in the city of Der Azzour and the towns of Basira, Howayka, Quriya, Ashara, Sobaykhan and the surrounding villages in the province of Deir Azzour; the towns of Herak, Kafarshams and Dael and the city of Daraa in the province of Daraa; the villages of Jabal Akrad in the province of Latakia; the neighbourhoods of Jobar, Sultaniya, Baba Amr, Ghanto, Jouret Sheyah, Qosur, and Qarabis in the city of Homs, and the towns of Talbiseh, Dabaa, Houleh, Mokaramiya, Rastan, Qalaat Hoson, Qasir, Zeraa, Josiya and Nazariya in the province of Homs, the Aleppo suburbs of Ezaz and Indan, and the Damascus suburbs of Deir Asafir, Douma, Harasta and Daraya.

Regime forces carried out massive arbitrary arrest and sweep campaigns in the town of Tesil in the province of Daraa and the Damascus suburbs of Ain Tarma and Kanaker.

Military defections continued across the country, as the defection of high-ranking officers in the Internal Security Forces, a Colonel from the General Intelligence Directorate and the commander of the 693rd battalion, in addition to a large number of soldiers in the town of Kafrouma in the province of Idlib.

Regionally, after three women were killed and nine others injured after the Syrian army shelled Lebanon's northern border area of Wadi Khaled, the Lebanese army said its units are on high alert in the area.


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