Syrian Revolution News Round-up 13 July 2012

Protesters Condemn Tremseh Massacre
kl:11,09 14|07|2012 Sawtalkurd

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  • Tens of thousands of protesters condemned Tremseh massacre and called for the removal of Annan from his post as UN special envoy.
  • Tally of those killed in Tremseh massacre totalled 305.
  • Regime forces killed more than 109 people today.
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Summary of Events

Tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets to protest the deadliest massacre committed by regime forces and pro-Assad militias since the start of the uprising in the Hama suburb of Tremseh. The total number killed reached 305 people. In consequence, protesters demanded the removal of UN special envoy Kofi Annan from his position after failing to protect civilians and broker a peace plan to end the violence.

Regime forces killed more than 109 people today. Thirty one died in the province of Idlib, when regime forces invaded the village of Rami and the towns of Benein and Orom Joz in the Jabal Zawiya district. Eight died in the Aleppo neighbourhood of Sukari and in its suburbs of Tal Refaat, Ezaz, Indan and Marea. Ten died in the towns of Houleh, Rastan and Qasir in the province of Homs. Seven more were killed in the Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmouk and the neighbourhood of Tadamon in Damascus, with three more dying in the suburbs of Harasta and Damir. One child was killed in the neighbourhood of Hamidiya in Hama, three in the refugee camp in the city of Daraa and the towns of Dael and Bosra in the province of Daraa. A resident was killed in Latakia province as heavy shelling continued in the villages of the Jabal Akrad and one in the neighbourhood of Howayka in the city of Deir Azzour. Five defected soldiers were killed in clashes with regime forces in the provinces of Aleppo, Hama and Daraa.

Assad’s military forces continued to target civilian areas in the Damascus suburbs of Zabadani, Daraya, Daf Ashoq, Madaya and Harasta, the neighbourhoods of Sultaniya, Jobar, Baba Amr, Jouret Sheyhah, Qarabis, Bowayda Sharqiya and Khaldiya in Homs. Attacks also continued in the al-Sad Road and refugee camp neighbourhoods of central Daraa, and the towns of Lajat, Taffas, Maliha Gharbiya, Maliha Sharqiya, Herak and Jiza in the Daraa province as well as in several neighbourhoods and towns in the province of Deir Azzour.

First Lieutenant Mohammad Fa’our in the city of Rastan announced his defection, along with more than 40 soldiers armed with four military tanks.

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