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Today, with great concern and condemnation, we received reports of continued killings, torture, arbitrary detentions, abductions, forced displacements and massacres using heavy weapons, armored vehicles, helicopters, and terrorist bombings by Assad militias, in addition to committing systematic and widespread violations of human rights against Syrian citizens. These violations are a flagrant deprivation of the Syrian people’s right to life, freedom of expression, peaceful demonstrating, while being subjected to arbitrary arrest, torture, forced displacement, and systemic destruction of some cities, neighborhoods, and historic sites. In addition to destroying and burning homes, forests, and crops to express barbarism, brutality, and extreme violence through shelling using artillery, heavy weapons, and helicopters to face the legitimate peaceful protests right in front of the entire world.

The number of those killed on Wednesday, July 18, 2012, by Assad forces reached more than 236. Of the fallen heroes, there were 140 in Damascus and Damascus Suburbs most them from the Saida Zainab neighborhood, 19 in Aleppo, 12 in each of Homs and Daraa, 16 in Idlib, 12 in Deir EzZor, 8 in Hama, 2 in each of Swaida and Lattakia, and one in Qunaitera, not to mention tens of injured civilians, along with widespread arbitrary detention campaigns.

Here are the names of some of those who were killed and identified:


Abo Ali – Qusoor

Muhammad Kamal Salqini, 30 years old – Qusoor

Abdelqadder Muhammad Deeb Hattem, 65 years old – Arbaeen

Fatima Abdelrahman Abo Tarboush – Sahl Al-Ghab – Hawash

Obaida Ziad Al-Shukaki, 11 year old boy – Hamidiyeh

Walid Hishawi – Tamanea

Yousef Hamoud – Hama


Mahmoud Hajj Mustafa Hadbeh, 22 years old – Tal Rifaat

Omar Rihawi – Sukari

Samer Al-Abdo – Zitan

Khalid Mustafa Dakhan, 40 years old – Andan

Waseem Zaazoo – Ibezmo

Ammar Zaazoo – Ibezmo

Ibrahim bin Othman Al-Malalook – Bab

Muhammad Al-Zirati – Bab

Bakri Muhammad Al-Khashroum – Bab

Abdo Al-Omar Hajj Hamoud – Bab

Ahmad Al-Hasan Al-Hashem – Bab

Abdullah Al-Karaz (Abo Mosab) – Bab

2 unidentified people – Bab

Abdullah Al-Farres, killed by a sniper in Izaz – Kaljabreen

Damascus and Damascus Suburbs

Ibtisam Zino – Qaboon

Mahdi Al-Sidawi – Qaboon

Jamal Al-Haboul – Qaboon

Waseem Kredi – Qaboon

Majdi Al-Baghdadi – Qaboon

Abo Kasem Al-Hamami – Qaboon

Abo Fayez Al-Khateeb – Qaboon

Muhammad Kamel Aneer – Kafarsooseh

Abdelwahab Jamal Akkash – Kafarsooseh

Hussam Kareem – Kafarsooseh

Saleh Sawar – Qaber Aateka

Muhammad Louay Al-Halabi – Qaber Aateka

Bilal Jazayerli – Jobar

Aatef Al-Shebani – Jobar

Muhammad Lutfi – Jobar

Haytham Al-Dorah – Jobar

Abi Barakah – Jobar

Abdulrahman Khudair – Jobar

Tarek Aaba – Jobar

Muhammad Ghunaim – Yarmouk Refugee Camp

Hussam Kanaan – Yarmouk Refugee Camp

Alaa Nawasra – Yarmouk Refugee Camp

Muhammad Al-Aitah Al-Namiri Al-Naimi – Saida Zainab

Abdelmonem Al-Owaid Al-Namiri Al-Naimi – Saida Zainab

Ahmad Ali Al-Namiri Al-Naimi – Saida Zainab

Ali Ali Al-Namiri Al-Naimi – Saida Zainab

Khalid Muhmmad Ibrahim Al-Namiri Al-Naimi – Saida Zainab

Ahmad Muhildeen Al-Namiri Al-Naimi – Saida Zainab

Muhammad Adnan Sabra Al-Bahtari – Saida Zainab

Muhammad Thyab Al-Bahtari – Saida Zainab

Abdullah Abo Jarrah Al-Bahtari – Saida Zainab

Raed Al-Dagheelah Al-Naimi – Saida Zainab

Dr. Adnan Khamis Al-Zanghari – Saida Zainab

Alaa Hweli Al-Wesi – Saida Zainab

Ahmad Jaridi – Saida Zainab

Muhammad Ahmad Fayez, an engineer – Saida Zainab

Ahmad Al-Moussa – Saida Zainab

Ahmad Ibn Abozaher Al-Telawi – Saida Zainab

Akram Al-Safadi – Saida Zainab


Khalid Al-Omar, 30 years old – Talbiseh

Hisham Shofan – Bab Sbaa

Hiba Hisham Shofan, 11 year old girl

Khalid Mustafa Al-Abeed – Rastan

Mamdooh Al-Ahmad, 30 years old – Qusair – Burhaniyeh

Muhammad Ahmad Al-Nasser – Tadmur

Omar Abdelkafi Ismail – Houla

Alaa Ahmad Al-Sayyed, Abo Houri – Qusair

Muhammad Bilal Al-Dweri – Karm Al-Shami

Osama Shatat – Old Districts of Homs

Foad Ali Al-Daheek, 33 years old – Talbiseh

Imad Owejan – Talbiseh

Abdelhamid Shanat – Talbiseh

Ahmad Mahmoud Omar Aloush – Talbiseh


Muhammad Khalid Bakour Al-Qeezar, 33 years old – Maaret Numan

Ismail Farid Hankoush – Jabal Zawiya – Al-Rami

Abdelkareem Abeed Al-Kareem Al-Othman – Kafarnebel

Moussa Khalid Khalouf – Qaminas

Shadi Khalid Dyab, 23 years old – Maaret Numan

Radwan Marwan Hayek – Naoora neighborhood

Muhammad Subhi Salbo – Areeha

Muhammad Abdullah Al-Issa, a college student – Kafar Sajnah

Bashar Alwan Al-Sagheer, 20 years old – Maaret Numan

Mustafa Muhammad Homs – Kafar Takahrem

Ahmad Idris – Tamanea

Gharoob Ibrahim Al-Aboud – Tamannea

Ahmad Aghjah, killed under torture – Jabal Zawiya – Al-Rami

Adnan Aghjah, killed under torture – Jabal Zawiya – Al-Rami

Tarek Aghjah, killed under torture – Jabal Zawiya – Al-Rami

Deir EzZor

Abdelrahman Al-Ibrahim – Jebelah neighborhood

Aboud Al-Hajab – Ghariba

Adnan Al-Sawadi – Ghariba

Awad Al-Oofi – Ghariba

Yasser Al-Jaro – Ommal neighborhood

Omar Kassoum – Ommal neighborhood

Abed Khalaf Al-Saeed – Sinaa neighborhood

Suhail Ahmad Al-Ismail – Quaira

Sumaya Al-Ghadban, a little girl – Basira

Muhammad Al-Saleh – Ommal neighborhood

Muhammad Moomen Al-Mattar Al-Hindi, 19 years old – Mohsen


Shafiq Shuqair, public execution – Majdal

Safwan Shuqair, public execution – Majdal


Ali Muhammad Oraijan – Mafraq Al-Zobar


Ibrahim Al-Rifai – Samlin

Muhammad Ibrahim Al-Rifai – Samlin

Ahmad Ibrahim Al-Rifai – Samlin

Tarek Yousef Mansour Abdelfattah Al-Zoubi, 27 years old – Tibah

Ahmad Muhammad Saeed Al-Nabelsi, milkman, killed by a sniper in Daraa-Balad – Zezoon

Izdehar Muhammad Ali Al-Shabib Al-Mahamid – Um Al-Mayathen

Subhiya Salem Qatleesh, 75 years old – Dael

Ayesh Qatleesh – Dael

Faryal Khalid Al-Ghobeti – Dael

Ibtisam Ayesh Qatleesh – Dael

Adham Ikab Al-Aboud (Abo Al-Heej) – Naimah

Fawaz Khalid Al-Qutaifan, 13 years old – Daraa-Balad

Moomen Abo Al-Danaf – Taffas

Fawaz Moussa Al-Kamiti, 12 year old boy – Daraa Al-Mahatta

Ahmad Muhammad Ahmad Taama Kiwan, 12 year old boy – Taffas

Ghassan Muhammad Al-Zoubi – Basra Al-Sham

Ahmad Muhammad Al-Hajji Al-Moukdad – Basra Al-Sham

Waleed Issa Al-Wadi - Harra

We, in the Human Right Bureau of the Syrian National Council, extend our deepest condolences to the families of the fallen heroes, wishes for the speedy recovery of those wounded, and wishes for the release of the detained. We strongly condemn and denounce the behavior of the Assad regime in carrying out the violence, killing, massacres, and crimes against humanity, in addition to the arbitrary arrests, systemic torture, rape, forced displacement, and kidnappings in facing the peaceful protests and legitimate demands of the Syrian people who are expressing their desire for freedom and their legitimate rights in toppling the criminal regime that has been stripped of its legitimacy. We turn to human rights organizations, the Arab League, the Friends of Syria, and the UN Security Council, and plead with them and the rest of the free world to work immediately by pressuring the Assad regime for the purpose of achieving the following:

- Declare the failure of the UN monitors mission and Arab-International Kofi Annan plan, because of the regime’s lack of commitment; respond to the lack of commitment to the initiative by issuing more powerful and effective decisions along with clearer and more time-bound executive mechanisms pursuant to Chapter VII of the UN Charter to help the people in protecting civilians and ousting the regime by imposing a no-fly zone and establishing safe areas and buffers, and move to action rather than words in supporting the Free Syrian Army; seriously lobby with each of Iran, Russia, and China to take a more neutral position and stop its support of the criminal regime; move quickly to cover humanitarian needs of the Syrian people; aid and life the siege off the disaster stricken cities; expel all the regime’s diplomats and ambassadors and sever all diplomatic relations with the regime.

We also demand that the UN Security Council immediately adopts and implements the Human Rights Council’s latest decision regarding referring the file of the regime’s officials responsible for committing the crimes against humanity to the International Criminal Court and compelling the regime to accept that an international investigation committee investigates the massacres. We also plead with nations to which Syrians were forced to migrate to treat the Syrian people in a humane and decent manner worthy of humans who deserve freedom and dignity. Furthermore, we invite the international community to assist those countries which are hosting Syrian refugees.



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