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Report for Tuesday, June 12, 2012
Today, with deep concern and condemnation, we received reports of continued killings, torture, arbitrary detentions, abductions, forced displacements, shelling with heavy weaponry, terrorist bombings by Assad militias, and committing gross and systemic violations of human rights against Syrian citizens.  These violations are a flagrant deprivation of the Syrian people’s right to life, freedom of expression, peaceful demonstrating, while being subjected to arbitrary arrest, torture, forced displacement, and systemic destruction of some cities, neighborhoods, and historic sites. In addition to destroying and burning homes, while showing barbarism, brutality, and violence in facing the peaceful protests right in front of the international observers. Yesterday On Tuesday The number of those killed on, by Assad army and security forces and thugs (Shabiha) reached more than 70 martyrs, twenty-three of them in Homs, sixteen  in Deir Al-Zour, thirteen  in Aleppo, five  in Idlib, four  in both of Latakia and a Deraa, three in Hama and one  in Each of Hasaka and Damascus countryside as well as dozens of  injured people. the names of those who were identified are:, not to mention tens of injured civilians.
Here are the names of some of those who were killed and identified:
 Hasen Ali Sulaiman - Alguerran avenue
Rehab Hamdan, 16 years old, Sahel Al roge - Ain Sheeb
 Bashir Assad Al Amin- Joseph
Farhan Khaled Faour - Ain Sheeb
Ibrahim Hasen Ibrahim - Maaret Harma
Moataz Morhaf Al Agan - Kafer najd
Der Al Zour:
Mahmoud  Al Jasim
Maaz Al Mahedy
Omar Marwan Al Saho - Al Mayadin
Muhannad Al Amer AlBakdle - Jubaila
Dayaan Daoud Al Sheikh   - Jubaila
Abdul Al Basit Ismael Nassif
Manal Nassif
 Ismail Nizar Nassif
 Abdel Basset Nizar Nassif
Omar Mohammed Abed Al Rahman Nasif
 Mohammed Nabhan bin Mahmoud, from Al Sheikh Issa village
 Al-Hajj Subhi  Sarhan, Haritan
Saad Sobhy  Sarhan, Haritan
Adel Subhi  Sarhan, Haritan
 Wael  Nazmi Sarhan, Haritan
Pejanon Shahod  Mahmoud , Amaya
  Pejanon Mahmoud Kassem, Amaya
 Mustafa Osman, Al Bab
Mohammed Ahmed Kelya (Abu Ahmed) 78 years old
Ahmed Mansour, 36 years old, Al Msherfa village
the defected oldier Ayman Toulq,  Rabia village
Young Ahmed Julaq (Abu Zein)
Damascus and its countryside:
Nizar Khaled Abed Al Khaliq -Al Megtahed
Bilal Hanbzle, Al Mizrab
Yusef  Aleawe, 32 years old, Mards
Yad Rakan Al Sabawi, 39 years old, Alsawaek avenue
Hnnay Ahmed Al khalef, Al Hula
Ahmed Khalil Matar, Al Kssyer
Ibrahim Khalil Matar,  Al Kssyer
Ali Matar,  Al Kssyer
Wesam Al Tawel, Al Rastan
Hossam Kateaa, Al Rastan
Muhannad Farzat , Al Rastan
Fatima Hussein Mishaal, Al Hula
Jenin Fatima Hussein Mishal, Al Hula
Bilal Marwan, Talbeesa
The young  girl  Rania Hawari, 8 years old, Talbeesa
Rakan Al-Abdullah, Abil
Ramez Mustafa Rustam, Al Khalidiya
Hussein Abaza, Al Khalidiya
Mohammed Noor Al Shaban, Al Khalidiya
Khaled Al Mohammad , Al Khalidiya
Tariq Al Abaed , Al Khalidiya
Abu Talal Al Ansari,  Jouret Shiyah
Faisal Khalid Al Khalid,  Al Kosor avenue
Asia Ayob,  on 11/06/2012
Abdullah Darwish, 50 years old
Ahmed Ghoneim, Sidaa
Mohammed Ibrahim Al Hamad Al Hariri,Sidaa

 On the other hand we been told from several legal sources that the Republican Palace in Damascus sent  a letter to the Minister of Justice to investigate and to file a case   against the forty-one lawyers from  the lawyers guild in Aleppo for  their several peaceful protests  by the  Justice palace in Aleppo for demanding to release  the detainees, especially the Aleppo university students. The Minister of Justice referred this letter  to the first general lawyer  of Aleppo, who in turn referred it to the Criminal Investigations to conduct the investigation with the lawyers.  The State Security Intelligence Branch in Aleppo also summoned each of the lawyers Mohammed Kabbaqbjee and  Mohammed Arif Sharifa  two days ago  the and they never returned back to their homes, because they were arrested. Also  the day before yesterday the lawyer Samir Idris from the Damascus branch was arrested too. those who are still under arrest are the lawyers Mohammed Fadel Hijazi from Harem town and whom was arrested, and nobody for heared any thing about him for  more than three months, as well  the lawyers Fouad Abu Hatab from Damascus , the lawyers  Slam Osman and the lawyer Abdul Salam al-Atrash from Aleppo and many others  lawyers who were defending the detainees and human rights activists in the country, in a clear  abuse for this  legal profession and to the faithful lawyers  who believe in the  principles of righteousness and justice and equality, not forgetting the fact that the Syrian Government operates military field courts ,and  brining hundreds of citizens and activists to this court. Taking the fact that these (so called courts) lack   the minimum standards of trial and its not headed by a judge and the  lawyers have no right to plead or defend and its decisions can not be challenged.
We, in the Human Right Bureau of the Syrian National Council, extend our deepest condolences to the families of the fallen heroes, wishes for the speedy recovery of those wounded, and wishes for the release of the detained. We strongly condemn and denounce the behavior of the Assad regime in carrying out the violence, killing, massacres, and crimes against humanity, in addition to the arbitrary arrests, systemic torture, rape, forced displacement, and kidnappings, while systemically destroying neighborhoods and cities. We also strongly condemn the daily massacres and series of terrorist bombings that the regime is committing in facing the peaceful protests and legitimate demands of the Syrian people who are expressing their desire for freedom and their legitimate rights in toppling the criminal regime that has been stripped of its legitimacy. We turn to human rights organizations, the UN Security Council, and the Arab League and plead with them to work immediately by pressuring the Assad regime to:
- Find effective ways and methods to apply Kofi Annan’s plan and force the regime to abide by it
- Increase the number of the international observers and providing them with the means to carry out their mission, while supporting them with peacekeeping forces
- Face the regime’s lack of commitment to the initiative with stronger and more powerful decisions pursuant to Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter, so as to help the people in protecting the civilians and toppling the regime by pulling the observers and declaring that the regime has caused the Annan plan to fail and that it had not abided by the UN plan
- Move quickly to cover the humanitarian needs of the Syrian people and the relief of the stricken cities
- Expel all the regime’s diplomats and ambassadors and severing all diplomatic relations with the regime
- Release immediately all the detained people
We also demand that the UN Security Council immediately adopts and implements the Human Rights Council’s latest decision regarding referring the file of the regime’s officials responsible for committing the crimes against humanity to the International Criminal Court and compelling the regime to accept that an international investigation committee investigates the massacres. We also plead with nations to which Syrians were forced to migrate to treat the Syrian people in a humane and decent manner worthy of humans who deserve freedom and dignity.  Furthermore, we invite the international community to assist those countries which are hosting Syrian refugees.

Human Right Bureau
Syrian National Council
13 June 2012
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